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Landscapes with an iPhone

They say the best camera is the one you have with you… In most of our lives that means a mobile phone. I’ve not used my mobile phone much as a camera ever! So over the last 6 months or so I’ve been using the camera on my iPhone as an experiment. And I have to say I’ve been very impressed! You don’t have all the controls that you have on a DSLR, but being a photographer isn’t always about f-stops, shutter speed and all that. It’s also about composition, seeing the picture, the quality of light and having a camera to capture it.

Once you’ve taken the photograph, what do you do with it? This is where post-production comes. You aim to get the most out of the photo in very subtle ways. Crazy Photoshop post-production techniques has caused a bit of a backlash in society. On the iPhone I use “snapseed” for all my post-production. The skills I use to edit pictures are exactly the same as those I’ve learnt over the last several years. I’d have to say that learning to edit pictures is one of the hardest aspects of photography.

Below are a few landscapes taken with my iPhone and edited with snapseed…

I captured this on my way to the office in Norway. I liked how the water fountain appears as a big TV. I did go a little crazy with the post-production, but I liked it so I went with it.

The same scene as the previous image, but photographed in Winter.

Even or boring path can make a nice image! Photographed in the early hours on a Winter morning.

A beautiful sunrise on the way to the office.

The same location as the previous image, but photographed during Winter. You can see how the sea is frozen!

Over looking the park covered in snow.

A closer view of the frozen sea...

The boat marina iced over.

The snow actually falling and you can see how far the sea is frozen.

I just felt that this post-production style fitted this image.

Photographed near where I work in winter. I'm just amazed at the iPhone's low light performance.

Black & White just suited this image.

An empty boat marina photographed from my apartment in Norway.

And finally a scene from Prague...

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