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Portraits in an industrial setting

This shoot was a joint effort between Graham Law and myself photographing Ken and Hannah. This was aimed to be more than a straight forward portrait session. I created moodboards and discussed what types of images we all wanted from the shoot. I’m very pleased with the results and hope you like the photographs…

I loved shooting at this location!

It's all about the angle... same lighting setup as the previous image.

Let's get to work! Yeah!!

A simple portrait... with colour bars to add interest.

I've always wanted to take a more out-of-context type images. When I saw this blank frame I knew instantly what to do with it! 😉

A few natural light images...

There was literally nothing to see at this location... but when armed with a photographers eye it all changes...

The lighting for this image used a flash triggered with a Pocket Wizard and a Lowel-ID light.

Same location as the previous image and without the flash firing...

My friend Graham made a great light modifier and I used it in this frame.

I got the inspiration for this image from a photo of a band I had seen.

It was pre-arranged for Hannah to join in the shoot later in the afternoon. This was the first shot taken in a small street with a softbox and Pocket Wizards.

Same location as Ken's image, but using the Lowel-ID light to light the wall.

The next few shots used the Lowel-ID only...

Black and White seemed to work better than colour for my taste.

Experimented with more outrageous compositions.

I love the next series of images because of the prom dress in an industrial location. Again going with the out-of-context type theme.

Ken is dressed up too!

A bit of fun adding in a "007" theme...

We're all having a great time...

Simple but effective composition.

I love this out-of-context idea... I must explore this more...

A wider shot of the previous image.

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I recently popped over to Guernsey to see a very good friend of mine! The last time we had seen each other was sometime in 2004. We spent 3 wonderful days catching up on what’s been going on in our lives. Obviously photography came up during discussion and here are a few frames from my visit… 

Christophe's son. Strong diagonals, horizontals and verticals help make this image work… not fogetting who the star of the show is!

Photographed using natural light.

When I noticed this little staircase and I knew instantly that it would work 🙂

Same location as the previous image.

Marie's daughter. You've got to catch the right moment to capture photographs like this.

Using the staircase to create verticals in the frame.

I love the cheeky smile 😉

A closeup photographed at F2.8.

My friend Christophe.

My friend's girlfriend, Marie.

Almost the last frame of my visit to Guernsey...

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