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Speedlights in Manchester

A short while back I attended a Speedlight Mastery workshop with Damien Lovegrove in Manchester. What a totally awesome day. So much fun and making beautiful pictures all day long. We were fortunate to have the most wonderful Chloe Jasmine Whichello modelling for us and she brings so much fun, energy and excitement to the shoot. Simply put, she is amazing! Anyway, here the photos from the shoot…

The shoot started with the first location in broad daylight next to a giant pebble!

A short distance away with the same lighting rig was this corner.

A short walk away and few minutes later we were next to an amazing little pub. A single flash went up and we were back in business.

With so many beautiful images to be made, I simply couldn't stop shooting...

I love this photograph of Chloe.

Still using the same lighting setup... With Chloe, every photograph you take is simply wonderful.

Next up was using natural light as the windows opposite made a wonderful reflection of light against the wall.

I'm sure this building was made specifically for this photo shoot! Because Chloe just looks so amazing against that yellow wall.

Damien showed us some metering techniques to make these images sing.

Its hard to choose which images to post when all of them are great!

I always explore wider angle shots when I'm shooting... After I took this frame, Damien was very keen to take the same shot 😉

Next came out the Orbis Ring Flash.

I felt that these Orbis Ring Flash images looked better in Black & White.

The next location involved huge doors. This shot taken from a low camera angle.

We used Pocket Wizards to trigger the flashes all day.

Using the same lighting setup, I explored other camera angles.

Again, a few meters away around the corner was a blue wall. I just love this frame of Chloe!!

I loved all photos taken from this angle...

After this frame, we moved on to another location.

Single flash on-camera.

The flash in the top left corner is secured with a magic arm on a fence.

Next, Damien showed us how he uses a softbox on location. Same location as the previous image.

Chloe is so much fun to be around...

Damien demonstrated how to push the Pocket Wizards at high shutter speeds.

We were nearing the end of the day and Chloe is looking so peaceful in this image.

In the same location as the above shot.

Creating our own sun light in this photograph.

Okay, I'll say it again... I love this frame. I know... Every photograph of Chloe simply comes alive! 😉

Another frame...

I had quite a few problems with my 70-200mm lens where I kept hitting its minimum focusing distance. I eventually found a combination that allowed me to get better close up frames of Chloe.

One more....

And finally, the wind just caught Chloe's hair which makes this a wonderful frame.

This was a quick location on our way back into the town centre.

Chloe seems to have an unlimited amount of energy! We had been shooting all day at this point.

This was taken at the same location as the previous 2 frames.

The very last frame of the day. Had such a great time with Damien, Chloe Jasmine and the other delegates.

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