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Velvet Dukes

Just before the New Year I (and Graham Law) photographed a local band Velvet Dukes who were performing in the Exchange in Newtown. Here are a few frames from the session:

The lens flare created by the flash adds drama to this image.

This was lit with 2 flashes strategically placed.

Will Barns is lit here with 3 flashes. A soft key light, a hard kick light and flash wide open to light the background.

A wider view of the scene. You can see where 2 of the 3 flashes are placed.

Here is Will Barns and Dai Robs photographed using the same 3 flash lighting setup.

Base player in the band...

The drummer!

Another view of the drummer...

Will Barns from a unique angle using the walls to create verticals in the frame.

Close up of Will Barns on his guitar.

This was lit with a single flash. We used the wall to create a large light source resulting in a soft key light.

Dai Robs in action...

Another close up...

I post-processed this shot with a slightly different colour pallet.

A wide view of nearly all the band...

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