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Georgia’s Portraits

About a month ago I photographed Georgia in Hitchin town center in Hertfordshire. I had done a location scout the day before and had a few good locations lined up for the shoot. The shoot lasted about 2 hours and it was all fun, fun, fun…. I also had a great assistant, Joanne, who helped out throughout the shoot which¬†made Georgia’s special day a real success.

The first location of the day was near a car park.

A wider angle view of the scene using a single flash on very low power.

A classic over the shoulder look.

This was taken no more than 4 meters from the previous images.

This was shot at a local bank in Hitchin. I loved the markings on the wall and wanted to use them in a nice composition.

A short distance away was time for a single flash setup.

Everybody likes shopping!

I used a small allay way for these next few images. The kit I used here involved a light stand, a magic arm, Pocket Wizard triggers, 2 flashes and a coloured blue gel.

Slightly different camera angle.

So many opportunities in this little allay way.

A high camera view point.

I love this frame...

Time for a bit of natural light shooting...

Georgia was having so much fun at this point!

Another high camera view point frame.

A small little corner on the street.

Taken at the same location as the previous image.

I couldn't resist this frame on our way back to Starbucks. Flash on-camera.

A quick frame in Starbucks using a 70-200mm F2.8 lens in natural light.

We popped over to a park nearby to get some non-urban portraits.

I love the white, greens and reds in this frame!

This camera angle just works so well...

The last frame of the day...

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