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Portraits from France

This last weekend I had a great time visiting Southern France for a 50th Birthday Party. However, this didn’t stop me taking some portraits while I was there! In fact, over the last 10 days, I’ve ended up with about 100GB of images to sort through. I’ve been all over the place…

The portrait frenzy started with this simple natural light frame of Sarah.

Then it was time for a little bit of flash light.

Then back to natural light with Corrine.

Bradley poses in this shot in the same location.

Now is was time to start doing some group shots. Used 2 flashes to light the same location.

Still using 2 flashes I managed to light everybody in this frame with an added bit of post-production madness ๐Ÿ™‚

I used 2 point lighting in this frame of Corrine.

I love how the tree top is just visible in frame to encompass Corrine and Bradley in this brother and sister photograph.

A slash of flash to light Corrine. Its amazing how many different shots you can get from a single location.

With the same flash setup as used in the previous image and a slight change of angle gets another shot on these stairs.

I like how the tree branch with the red rose on the left breaks up the texture of the wall to balance the frame with Sarah wearing her red top.

I took a while to find a pose that worked for this water well garden feature.

After we were finished with the stairs and surrounding garden features, it was time to move onto new locations.

Okay, now I'm getting quite excited with this wall and using a combination of colour correction and colour effect gels on the flashes together with a colour temperature adjustment on the camera.

I like the blue with a hint of orange colour combination in this frame.

Sarah was great to work with and was she was quite patient while I tried new lighting techniques and camera angles.

I really like the door texture in this frame! Enhanced it during post production.

Sometimes I wish I had 3 flashes. But still... I'm quite happy with how this frame looks.

Bradley and Sarah are not a couple but never-the-less, I like how this frame works.

A slight change in pose makes another nice frame.

The last frame of the day...

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Last weekend was the annual Newtown Carnival. This was an unexpected surprise for me given I havenโ€™t attended the event for years. However, this year equipped with my camera made the day a wonderful experience… My buddy Graham Law took some really nice close ups and hopefully will be writing a blog post soon on his very own blog!

A quick frame of a small group waiting for the event to pass over the bridge.The center of Newtown.

A few minutes later...

All frames captured with the camera set to Aperture Priority mode.

One of the people participating in the event.

All sorts of costumes...

I love this frame! And it really works well in Black & White.

I'm still on the bridge taking these shots.

My last frame with my 70-200mm lens on the camera.

I just love the wide angle perspective that the 5D mk II now gives me.

I went for an older looking desaturated look in this frame.

I then moved to a different location in time for the 2nd lap pass through town.

This is one of my favourite frames of the day.

I'm just having so much fun at this point. You really feel great when you know instantly how this type of image is going to look afterwards during post-production!

Everybody seemed to be having a great time...

Can't remember how many open trailer trucks passed through...

Carnival almost at an end...

If only all pirates looked this good! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love the sun glasses!

The perfect moment to use flash in very bright sunlight.

Later during the ceremony I captured this wonderful frame.

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The Hoedown

Over the bank holiday weekend I attended a fantastic party all themed in a country and western style event. Of course me and my camera went along and here are a few frames from the day.

The lighting provided by a Lastolite EzyBox Hotshoe softbox.

Using the hay as a prop.

Simple natural light frame.

This was taken around 3am in the morning. I had a friend of mine hold the softbox while I took a few pics.

There's something I like about this frame...

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