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Maunsel House

Back in June I travelled to Somerset to attend a Damien Lovegrove and Chris Hanley photography workshop. Simply put, what an amazing event in an awesome location, Maunsel House. Picking which images to post for this blog was quite a challenge! So many great images to choose from…

The first session of the day was with Chris Hanley.

This was lit with an Arri 300w light.

This room was awesome and crazy! Loved it.

Sarah looking great!

Next session was with Damien Lovegrove and the wonderful Chloe.

Damien continued with explaining how to light shots like this using Arri gear.

Chloe was never short of wonderful poses! She is amazing...

I love this frame! I knew instantly when I took it...

Damien encouraged the group to explore other camera angles.

The next session was still with Damien up stairs to photograph Sarah and Fran in different rooms.

I love the differences in color in this image.

Damien discussed his techniques of illuminating a room like this one.

Processed this frame of Sarah in Black & White.

The next session was with Chris Hanley.

This was the most amazing bathroom.

Then we moved into the bedroom shooting in ambient light.

With Chloe and rooms like this, there's no shortage of great pictures.

Chloe in the wardrobe...

Chris had setup a light inside the wardrobe and he really got the group to start thinking outside the box.

Back with Damien for the next session with Sarah and Franchesco.

Virtually the whole workshop involved Arri lights. Damien discussed how to light scenes like this one.

And some close-up shots.

This workshop was a nice refresher for these kinds of shots which we covered in Amsterdam on the Passion of the Streets workshop.

Still with Damien for the next session, we moved to the main entrance of Maunsel House.

Sarah and Franchesco were fantastic the whole day.

Decided to process this one in Black & White.

The last frame before heading outside for a few quick opportunities. The weather just called for it...

I loved what I saw through the viewfinder and quickly grabbed this natural light frame.

Chris again thinking outside the box.

The whole day was great fun!

Next... Chris took the group inside and explored more great opportunities...

Chloe made it so easy to great photographs.

This was shot with a 70-200mm lens.

This session with Chris was almost over.

There's something about this frame I like. Chloe on the extreme right and the animal in the picture frame near the top left.

Then it was time to ahead out again with Chris for the next session with Sarah and Franchesco.

Thought I'd use the door frame to frame Sarah.

Some more passion...

The last session of the day was back with Damien and Chloe with this classic Lovegrove style shot.

Another frame out of so many... this time in Black & White.

This was a funny moment in the day when Chloe wanted to go and look inside the Wendy House.

As it was such a great day, we went out into the fields nearby.

Every time I look at this photo, it feels like Chloe is pulling the sky in with her umbrella.

Finally time to rest from a busy day...

My last frame of the day.

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Lee Portraits

One lunch time last week I did a quick portrait of Lee using flash. Here are the frames I took…

Lee posing in some blinding wind!

Decided to go for a blue kinda look by adjusting the white balance.

The hieght of the wall was too irresistible... had to take the frame!

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The last weekend’s portrait shoot was so much fun! Met up again with Hannah and Colin to do another shoot. I used a lot of new techniques which I had learned recently and I’m very pleased with the results.

Ken walking across the bridge to meet with us...

As we were on the bridge, this became the first location for the shoot.

Catching moments when there was nobody on the bridge quickly became quite challenging.

I had planned this image when I photographed the Newtown Carnival a few weeks ago.

There's always an opportunity to do close-up shots like these...

While we were near the bridge, decided to put my camera to work on some wide angle shots.

The same scene from a high view point. Used Photoshop to create a different look and feel to the image.

Ken almost looks like a bouncer in this frame.

The wonderful world of flash, gels and colour temperature adjustments.

Time for Hannah and I love how this image looks in Black & White.

Before I shot again at this location at 'the wall', I asked if Ken wanted similar images to what he had seen before. He instantly said yes, so we quickly went to work I tried a few other angles.

You can see how much Ken was enjoying the shoot. We all had a really good laugh...

I might try more shots like this in future...

The crazy things you can do with a wide angle lens! đŸ˜‰

Mixing flash with ambient light. Yeah!

More flash with ambient light techniques being applied here.

The flash is actually placed behind Colin.

Time for more close-ups...

Hannah is being lit with a large 1.8m x 1.2m reflector (as are the next few images).

The establishing shot of where we were.

We bought the roses before the shoot as a prop.

Hannah & Colin are just great together and wonderful to photograph.

Shortly after taking this shot, we moved on to another location not far away...

In the past we had a few issues in getting this location to work properly. But with 3 flashes and a decent amount of ambient light makes all the difference.

A wide shot with Hannah & Colin.

Then a quick few moments to squeeze some natural light shots before we moved on.

Near the river I shot this in low light. ISO 800, 1/80 sec, F2.8.

I just love this photograph! Hannah's look is priceless.

Found a nice smooth blue metal surface... perfect for this kind of shot.

Just when we thought the shoot was over... we headed into town and I took the opportunity to take a few more frames before it was really over for the day.

Shot in natural light...

Used flash to backlight Hannah & Colin and I love the shadow on the wall!

I'm really starting to enjoy taking these kinds of images. This is what I'm calling a perspective shot. Hannah and Colin cannot actually see each other, but it is implied in the photograph.

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