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What ever the occasion, there is always good time for a photo shoot. Here are a few frames from Aimee’s 18th Birthday photo shoot…

The first location after leaving a local cafe.

A lucky moment to catch the right moment for a little wind…

A frame straight off the camera. With the right “know how” you can find the perfect light.


A splash of flash to make this image.

Another flash image which also uses Nik Software’s Photoshop plug-ins.

My favourite stone wall in our town. It’s too easy to over use it. However, I think this frame works well.

A lovely image of Aimee photographed in an unlikely location.

The final location of the day’s shoot.


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In June 2012 we had a small family holiday near Bristol (at http://www.withyfieldcottage.co.uk). Obviously prime time to take photographs! However, here are just a couple from our private collection…

The cottage we stayed in in the Bristol country side.

A happy moment with my mother.


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I worked with Graham Law to come up with some new ideas for our portrait photography shoots. Most people don’t see how wonderful their local environment is and we wanted to shoot something our town probably hasn’t seen before. This exercise ¬†was also about exploring a post-production style that was believable but not too overdone. Below are our images from the shoot with Hannah.

The first location with post-production utilising Nik Software’s Photoshop plug-ins to achieve the Indian Summer look.

Using good natural light available to us.

Now time for some more flash photography to add a little drama in an unlikely location.

This is photographed under a bridge and this particular location is popular with people taking their dogs for walks. This is a two flash setup with one flash lighting the stone ceiling and one lighting Hannah through a softbox.

Same location as the previous image… but with a different camera angle.

Still in the same location but looking toward the stairs and lit with a flash in a softbox.


A wider shot showing the stone ceiling of the bridge.

Still at the bridge a shot of Hannah lit with a softbox.

Creating something a little more cheeky! Adding a second gelled up flash.

End of the day in low light.

I love this frame to end the shoot.

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Body Language

Back in April 2012 it was time to do another Damien Lovegrove workshop on body language. This was a very different kind of workshop in that it was about getting areas of photography I had not entirely understood previously. Some of it was about body language but more importantly it was about emotion and other key areas. Another totally wonderful workshop by Damien! Here are a small selection of my images.

The first location of the day with Holly.

Some close up portraits with Lucia lit with a Lupolux Quadlight 1500.

First shoot with Jade lit with a Lupolux 1200.

Exploring different poses and compositions.

So many opportunities in such a small simple space.

The room was fairly empty with a large window. With the right exposure you can make almost any image.

I love Jade’s expression in this image.

Same location as the previous image.

More time with Holly at the staircase.

With the right “know how” you can make wonderful images with natural light.

A happy moment with Lucia.

Going for something more fashion oriented with Jade.

A bit of energy to end the day!

The final thoughtful image of the day.

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