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Portraits in an industrial setting

This shoot was a joint effort between Graham Law and myself photographing Ken and Hannah. This was aimed to be more than a straight forward portrait session. I created moodboards and discussed what types of images we all wanted from the shoot. I’m very pleased with the results and hope you like the photographs…

I loved shooting at this location!

It's all about the angle... same lighting setup as the previous image.

Let's get to work! Yeah!!

A simple portrait... with colour bars to add interest.

I've always wanted to take a more out-of-context type images. When I saw this blank frame I knew instantly what to do with it! 😉

A few natural light images...

There was literally nothing to see at this location... but when armed with a photographers eye it all changes...

The lighting for this image used a flash triggered with a Pocket Wizard and a Lowel-ID light.

Same location as the previous image and without the flash firing...

My friend Graham made a great light modifier and I used it in this frame.

I got the inspiration for this image from a photo of a band I had seen.

It was pre-arranged for Hannah to join in the shoot later in the afternoon. This was the first shot taken in a small street with a softbox and Pocket Wizards.

Same location as Ken's image, but using the Lowel-ID light to light the wall.

The next few shots used the Lowel-ID only...

Black and White seemed to work better than colour for my taste.

Experimented with more outrageous compositions.

I love the next series of images because of the prom dress in an industrial location. Again going with the out-of-context type theme.

Ken is dressed up too!

A bit of fun adding in a "007" theme...

We're all having a great time...

Simple but effective composition.

I love this out-of-context idea... I must explore this more...

A wider shot of the previous image.

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I recently popped over to Guernsey to see a very good friend of mine! The last time we had seen each other was sometime in 2004. We spent 3 wonderful days catching up on what’s been going on in our lives. Obviously photography came up during discussion and here are a few frames from my visit… 

Christophe's son. Strong diagonals, horizontals and verticals help make this image work… not fogetting who the star of the show is!

Photographed using natural light.

When I noticed this little staircase and I knew instantly that it would work 🙂

Same location as the previous image.

Marie's daughter. You've got to catch the right moment to capture photographs like this.

Using the staircase to create verticals in the frame.

I love the cheeky smile 😉

A closeup photographed at F2.8.

My friend Christophe.

My friend's girlfriend, Marie.

Almost the last frame of my visit to Guernsey...

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Velvet Dukes

Just before the New Year I (and Graham Law) photographed a local band Velvet Dukes who were performing in the Exchange in Newtown. Here are a few frames from the session:

The lens flare created by the flash adds drama to this image.

This was lit with 2 flashes strategically placed.

Will Barns is lit here with 3 flashes. A soft key light, a hard kick light and flash wide open to light the background.

A wider view of the scene. You can see where 2 of the 3 flashes are placed.

Here is Will Barns and Dai Robs photographed using the same 3 flash lighting setup.

Base player in the band...

The drummer!

Another view of the drummer...

Will Barns from a unique angle using the walls to create verticals in the frame.

Close up of Will Barns on his guitar.

This was lit with a single flash. We used the wall to create a large light source resulting in a soft key light.

Dai Robs in action...

Another close up...

I post-processed this shot with a slightly different colour pallet.

A wide view of nearly all the band...

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Georgia’s Portraits

About a month ago I photographed Georgia in Hitchin town center in Hertfordshire. I had done a location scout the day before and had a few good locations lined up for the shoot. The shoot lasted about 2 hours and it was all fun, fun, fun…. I also had a great assistant, Joanne, who helped out throughout the shoot which made Georgia’s special day a real success.

The first location of the day was near a car park.

A wider angle view of the scene using a single flash on very low power.

A classic over the shoulder look.

This was taken no more than 4 meters from the previous images.

This was shot at a local bank in Hitchin. I loved the markings on the wall and wanted to use them in a nice composition.

A short distance away was time for a single flash setup.

Everybody likes shopping!

I used a small allay way for these next few images. The kit I used here involved a light stand, a magic arm, Pocket Wizard triggers, 2 flashes and a coloured blue gel.

Slightly different camera angle.

So many opportunities in this little allay way.

A high camera view point.

I love this frame...

Time for a bit of natural light shooting...

Georgia was having so much fun at this point!

Another high camera view point frame.

A small little corner on the street.

Taken at the same location as the previous image.

I couldn't resist this frame on our way back to Starbucks. Flash on-camera.

A quick frame in Starbucks using a 70-200mm F2.8 lens in natural light.

We popped over to a park nearby to get some non-urban portraits.

I love the white, greens and reds in this frame!

This camera angle just works so well...

The last frame of the day...

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Speedlights in Manchester

A short while back I attended a Speedlight Mastery workshop with Damien Lovegrove in Manchester. What a totally awesome day. So much fun and making beautiful pictures all day long. We were fortunate to have the most wonderful Chloe Jasmine Whichello modelling for us and she brings so much fun, energy and excitement to the shoot. Simply put, she is amazing! Anyway, here the photos from the shoot…

The shoot started with the first location in broad daylight next to a giant pebble!

A short distance away with the same lighting rig was this corner.

A short walk away and few minutes later we were next to an amazing little pub. A single flash went up and we were back in business.

With so many beautiful images to be made, I simply couldn't stop shooting...

I love this photograph of Chloe.

Still using the same lighting setup... With Chloe, every photograph you take is simply wonderful.

Next up was using natural light as the windows opposite made a wonderful reflection of light against the wall.

I'm sure this building was made specifically for this photo shoot! Because Chloe just looks so amazing against that yellow wall.

Damien showed us some metering techniques to make these images sing.

Its hard to choose which images to post when all of them are great!

I always explore wider angle shots when I'm shooting... After I took this frame, Damien was very keen to take the same shot 😉

Next came out the Orbis Ring Flash.

I felt that these Orbis Ring Flash images looked better in Black & White.

The next location involved huge doors. This shot taken from a low camera angle.

We used Pocket Wizards to trigger the flashes all day.

Using the same lighting setup, I explored other camera angles.

Again, a few meters away around the corner was a blue wall. I just love this frame of Chloe!!

I loved all photos taken from this angle...

After this frame, we moved on to another location.

Single flash on-camera.

The flash in the top left corner is secured with a magic arm on a fence.

Next, Damien showed us how he uses a softbox on location. Same location as the previous image.

Chloe is so much fun to be around...

Damien demonstrated how to push the Pocket Wizards at high shutter speeds.

We were nearing the end of the day and Chloe is looking so peaceful in this image.

In the same location as the above shot.

Creating our own sun light in this photograph.

Okay, I'll say it again... I love this frame. I know... Every photograph of Chloe simply comes alive! 😉

Another frame...

I had quite a few problems with my 70-200mm lens where I kept hitting its minimum focusing distance. I eventually found a combination that allowed me to get better close up frames of Chloe.

One more....

And finally, the wind just caught Chloe's hair which makes this a wonderful frame.

This was a quick location on our way back into the town centre.

Chloe seems to have an unlimited amount of energy! We had been shooting all day at this point.

This was taken at the same location as the previous 2 frames.

The very last frame of the day. Had such a great time with Damien, Chloe Jasmine and the other delegates.

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Maunsel House

Back in June I travelled to Somerset to attend a Damien Lovegrove and Chris Hanley photography workshop. Simply put, what an amazing event in an awesome location, Maunsel House. Picking which images to post for this blog was quite a challenge! So many great images to choose from…

The first session of the day was with Chris Hanley.

This was lit with an Arri 300w light.

This room was awesome and crazy! Loved it.

Sarah looking great!

Next session was with Damien Lovegrove and the wonderful Chloe.

Damien continued with explaining how to light shots like this using Arri gear.

Chloe was never short of wonderful poses! She is amazing...

I love this frame! I knew instantly when I took it...

Damien encouraged the group to explore other camera angles.

The next session was still with Damien up stairs to photograph Sarah and Fran in different rooms.

I love the differences in color in this image.

Damien discussed his techniques of illuminating a room like this one.

Processed this frame of Sarah in Black & White.

The next session was with Chris Hanley.

This was the most amazing bathroom.

Then we moved into the bedroom shooting in ambient light.

With Chloe and rooms like this, there's no shortage of great pictures.

Chloe in the wardrobe...

Chris had setup a light inside the wardrobe and he really got the group to start thinking outside the box.

Back with Damien for the next session with Sarah and Franchesco.

Virtually the whole workshop involved Arri lights. Damien discussed how to light scenes like this one.

And some close-up shots.

This workshop was a nice refresher for these kinds of shots which we covered in Amsterdam on the Passion of the Streets workshop.

Still with Damien for the next session, we moved to the main entrance of Maunsel House.

Sarah and Franchesco were fantastic the whole day.

Decided to process this one in Black & White.

The last frame before heading outside for a few quick opportunities. The weather just called for it...

I loved what I saw through the viewfinder and quickly grabbed this natural light frame.

Chris again thinking outside the box.

The whole day was great fun!

Next... Chris took the group inside and explored more great opportunities...

Chloe made it so easy to great photographs.

This was shot with a 70-200mm lens.

This session with Chris was almost over.

There's something about this frame I like. Chloe on the extreme right and the animal in the picture frame near the top left.

Then it was time to ahead out again with Chris for the next session with Sarah and Franchesco.

Thought I'd use the door frame to frame Sarah.

Some more passion...

The last session of the day was back with Damien and Chloe with this classic Lovegrove style shot.

Another frame out of so many... this time in Black & White.

This was a funny moment in the day when Chloe wanted to go and look inside the Wendy House.

As it was such a great day, we went out into the fields nearby.

Every time I look at this photo, it feels like Chloe is pulling the sky in with her umbrella.

Finally time to rest from a busy day...

My last frame of the day.

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Lee Portraits

One lunch time last week I did a quick portrait of Lee using flash. Here are the frames I took…

Lee posing in some blinding wind!

Decided to go for a blue kinda look by adjusting the white balance.

The hieght of the wall was too irresistible... had to take the frame!

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The last weekend’s portrait shoot was so much fun! Met up again with Hannah and Colin to do another shoot. I used a lot of new techniques which I had learned recently and I’m very pleased with the results.

Ken walking across the bridge to meet with us...

As we were on the bridge, this became the first location for the shoot.

Catching moments when there was nobody on the bridge quickly became quite challenging.

I had planned this image when I photographed the Newtown Carnival a few weeks ago.

There's always an opportunity to do close-up shots like these...

While we were near the bridge, decided to put my camera to work on some wide angle shots.

The same scene from a high view point. Used Photoshop to create a different look and feel to the image.

Ken almost looks like a bouncer in this frame.

The wonderful world of flash, gels and colour temperature adjustments.

Time for Hannah and I love how this image looks in Black & White.

Before I shot again at this location at 'the wall', I asked if Ken wanted similar images to what he had seen before. He instantly said yes, so we quickly went to work I tried a few other angles.

You can see how much Ken was enjoying the shoot. We all had a really good laugh...

I might try more shots like this in future...

The crazy things you can do with a wide angle lens! 😉

Mixing flash with ambient light. Yeah!

More flash with ambient light techniques being applied here.

The flash is actually placed behind Colin.

Time for more close-ups...

Hannah is being lit with a large 1.8m x 1.2m reflector (as are the next few images).

The establishing shot of where we were.

We bought the roses before the shoot as a prop.

Hannah & Colin are just great together and wonderful to photograph.

Shortly after taking this shot, we moved on to another location not far away...

In the past we had a few issues in getting this location to work properly. But with 3 flashes and a decent amount of ambient light makes all the difference.

A wide shot with Hannah & Colin.

Then a quick few moments to squeeze some natural light shots before we moved on.

Near the river I shot this in low light. ISO 800, 1/80 sec, F2.8.

I just love this photograph! Hannah's look is priceless.

Found a nice smooth blue metal surface... perfect for this kind of shot.

Just when we thought the shoot was over... we headed into town and I took the opportunity to take a few more frames before it was really over for the day.

Shot in natural light...

Used flash to backlight Hannah & Colin and I love the shadow on the wall!

I'm really starting to enjoy taking these kinds of images. This is what I'm calling a perspective shot. Hannah and Colin cannot actually see each other, but it is implied in the photograph.

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Portraits from France

This last weekend I had a great time visiting Southern France for a 50th Birthday Party. However, this didn’t stop me taking some portraits while I was there! In fact, over the last 10 days, I’ve ended up with about 100GB of images to sort through. I’ve been all over the place…

The portrait frenzy started with this simple natural light frame of Sarah.

Then it was time for a little bit of flash light.

Then back to natural light with Corrine.

Bradley poses in this shot in the same location.

Now is was time to start doing some group shots. Used 2 flashes to light the same location.

Still using 2 flashes I managed to light everybody in this frame with an added bit of post-production madness 🙂

I used 2 point lighting in this frame of Corrine.

I love how the tree top is just visible in frame to encompass Corrine and Bradley in this brother and sister photograph.

A slash of flash to light Corrine. Its amazing how many different shots you can get from a single location.

With the same flash setup as used in the previous image and a slight change of angle gets another shot on these stairs.

I like how the tree branch with the red rose on the left breaks up the texture of the wall to balance the frame with Sarah wearing her red top.

I took a while to find a pose that worked for this water well garden feature.

After we were finished with the stairs and surrounding garden features, it was time to move onto new locations.

Okay, now I'm getting quite excited with this wall and using a combination of colour correction and colour effect gels on the flashes together with a colour temperature adjustment on the camera.

I like the blue with a hint of orange colour combination in this frame.

Sarah was great to work with and was she was quite patient while I tried new lighting techniques and camera angles.

I really like the door texture in this frame! Enhanced it during post production.

Sometimes I wish I had 3 flashes. But still... I'm quite happy with how this frame looks.

Bradley and Sarah are not a couple but never-the-less, I like how this frame works.

A slight change in pose makes another nice frame.

The last frame of the day...

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The Hoedown

Over the bank holiday weekend I attended a fantastic party all themed in a country and western style event. Of course me and my camera went along and here are a few frames from the day.

The lighting provided by a Lastolite EzyBox Hotshoe softbox.

Using the hay as a prop.

Simple natural light frame.

This was taken around 3am in the morning. I had a friend of mine hold the softbox while I took a few pics.

There's something I like about this frame...

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