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Into the Light

Here are my top 50 photographs from another workshop with Damien Lovegrove and Martin Hill. I’ve long had a desire to learn how to capture specific types of images and from this workshop, I learnt how these images are created. Enjoy…

I love how the lens flare softened this image of Katy McGee.

Photographed using natural light...

Exploring different angles...

I changed the colour palette slightly in this set of images.

Time to move location to the window.

Going high key.

Then Damien showed us how to create images like this! This was one of my goals of the workshop.

I love this image!

Same location and exploring different poses, looks and exposures.

A quick frame in the bathroom...

Out come the shutters of the window... photographed in natural light.

This is another of my favourite images of Katy McGee.

This frame always gives me a little smile...

It was time to use the Lupo lighting system... beautiful...

I love Katy's pose.

Going for a calmer picture of Katy.

Katy makes it so easy to create wonderful images...

Back to using the Lupo lighting system.

I need to purchase a lupo system soon 😉

It was time to change over to Martin Hill. My first frame outdoors using the Lovegrove Gemini bracket.

Exploring different post-production options.

Ri just looks beautiful in her bridal dress.

Martin Hill got the big guns out (the broncolor lighting system) for some amazing images.

Every time I look at this image, I see a bride in a war torn region of the world. Yet, it was photographed in Gloucestershire. The camera angle had to be perfect to get this look!

I absolutely love this image.

I just liked how this frame looked in Black & White.

Back in doors with Damien and the out came the lupo again...

Again... Katy McGee makes it so easy to create wonderful images...

Exploring different angles...

I love the colour in this frame as well as Katy's look!

Its the look!

And this is my favourite image out of this small set.

Back to window light...

It was a hard choice between Black & White and colour. In the end, I thought Black & White worked best.

Same location, different angle...

Katy is full of magical ideas for poses.

See... magical!! I love this image because its just so unusual.

I had a hard time working out the best look for this image (in post-production). I decided to go with something punchy...

Working with Katy is so much fun!

Damien allowed us to use his homemade filter to soften the photograph. I love it!

Just so many images to share...

The images work just as well in Black & White.

Straight off the camera!

Last frame of Katy McGee...

Time to get back out doors with Martin Hill and the lovely Ri.

Photographed with the Lovegrove Gemini bracket into an umbrella.

My favourite frame in this set of 3 images.

Martin Hill let us out with the broncolor kit again... yeah!! set us free!!


... and there you have it.... the last of my top 50 images of the day!

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